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REAL Projects and Amazing Learning Experiences

REAL Projects form a key part of our curriculum approach at Team SJA. The aim is that all of our projects will be: Rigorous; be highly Engaging; shared with Authentic audiences; and allow our children to Learn throughout the project. Combined, all of these aspects ensure we have children who are engaged in learning to the highest degree.


Driving our REAL Projects throughout, is the expectation that they will culminate in a 'Public Exhibition', a real world showcase of the beautiful outcomes that the children have created during each 'block' of learning. 


By combining the following elements:

  • 'Essential Questions'
  • 21st Century learning skills
  • pupil voice and choice
  • purposeful learning
  • authentic outcomes for 'REAL' audiences
  • a 'Public Exhibition

We ensure that all of our REAL Projects are of the highest standard and develop children who leave us, prepared for learning in the wider community.