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Mission Statement

The above mission statement, is a short summary of what our main goal is at Scartho Junior Academy. In a nutshell, it explains our existence and our main aim.

What is Developing a lifelong Love of Learning?


At Team SJA, we are all committed to "Developing a Lifelong Love of Learning', where everyone (adults and children alike) are encouraged and nurtured to reach their potential. When our children leave us in Year 6, we want them to be great learners; respectful and kind; knowledgeable about the world around them; and have empathy and understanding for others.

As you walk around Team SJA, you will see learners who are passionate; you will feel a sense of enjoyment and curiosity; you will see children and adults who are happy to learn from their mistakes; and you will experience authentic REAL projects that are relevant to the world around us.


'Developing a Life Long Love of Learning' is at the heart of everything that we do at Scartho Junior Academy. Whilst there is always a high priority on achievement and progress in English and Maths, we feel that it is just as important to ensure that all children are developing a love of learning and enjoy to coming to school.


With this in mind, our aim is to ensure that all children have the right to experience an enriched and highly motivating curriculum. We want every child at our school to become 'great learners'. We achieve this through the combination of  


  • our  'Principles of Learning'
  • our 'REAL Projects' approach to learning and acquiring knowledge
  • our focus on developing each child's 'Learning Skills'