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Our School Day - Useful Information

Our School Day

Please remember that children should not be on the school site before 8.40 as a member of school is not on the playground before that time. Parents and carers should not be bring cars onto the school site without prior permission.


Breakfast Club

For those parents that are busy there is a 'Breakfast Club' that is run by our school kitchen. The 'Breakfast Club' is open from 8 am. More information can be obtained from our office.


8.55 am

The playground bell rings at 8.55. Each class gathers in designated areas on the playground and they remain there prior to the bell being rung. Once the bell has been rung, all children should then make their way to their class line where they will be picked up by their class teacher. If you would like to see your child's class teacher please make an appointment at our office.


Session 1 starts after registers have been taken.


10.15  Upper School Break - 15 minutes

Years 5 & 6 can have a healthy snack at break


10.40 am Lower School Break - 15 minutes

Years 3 & 4 can have a healthy snack at break


Session 2 starts after morning breaks have finished


12.00 to 1.10 Lunchtime

Children have a choice as to whether to bring a packed lunch or to have a school dinner. All our school dinners are cooked fresh on site each day but need to be booked 2 weeks in advance. For further information please contact the school office.


1.10 to 3.30

Session 3 starts after lunch.


3.30 to 4.30

Everyday after school, as well as at lunchtimes, there are many extra-curricular clubs that children can attend. If you require any information about these then please see the office.


PE Lessons

PE is an important feature of learning at our school and we have two sessions per week. Please make sure that your child comes to school wearing their PE kit and are able to remove their earrings. If they are unable to do this, then they will not be able to take part in the PE lessons.


Absence Reporting

Our key aim at Scartho Junior Academy is to make learning so exciting that children are desperate to come to school. With this in mind, attendance is very important. It is a legal requirement that we know where each child is during the school day including days when they are unable to attend.  Please telephone the school office on 01472 879524 before 08.55 every day that your child is unable to attend.


If you require a 'Leave of Absence' you must ensure you ask at the school office for a 'Leave of Absence Form'. Term time dates can also be found if you click on the 'Parents' tab on the homepage.