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Curriculum Vision for Reading

At Scartho Junior Academy, we are passionate that reading is a key life skill and we are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers who achieve academic success and progress in a number of curriculum areas. We provide our pupils with the skills and grow their confidence to deal with printed language critically. We aim to provide children with experiences that will lead to rich language development so that at the end of their primary education journey, they are empowered with a breadth of vocabulary that they can build on in their future prospects. We hold reading for pleasure at the heart of everything we do so pupils develop a real love and thirst for reading a range of genres.

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Curriculum Vision for Writing

At Scartho Junior Academy, writing is taught in order for all of our pupils to be able to communicate their ideas and emotions with others.  Our curriculum  enables our pupils to become confident and creative writers who write clearly, accurately, coherently, and creatively, adapting their language and style for a range of meaningful contexts, purposes and audiences. Our pupils are taught to apply their writing skills across curriculum subjects and themes which have been carefully developed around quality, challenging texts and multimodality.

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