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At Scartho Junior Academy, whilst we adhere to most of the 'National Curriculum', we have developed our own unique approach to learning. Our main value as a school is to 'Develop a Lifelong Love of Learning'. We have then 'broken' this value down further into our aims for learning - these are "Team SJA's 10 Principles of Learning', We practically achieve these aims through our REAL Projects, Learning Skills and development of 'Learning Spaces'. The focus for our REAL Projects for the academic year 2017/18 and 2018/19 can be found below. All our curriculum coverage information can also be found in our year group 'Curriculum Coverage Folders'.

Team SJA's REAL Project Overview 20/21

Team SJA's REAL Project Curriculum Overview 19/20

Team SJA's Curriculum Overview 1718