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Our Values, Mission Statement and Vision

As a Trust, and in conjunction with our community, we have reviewed our three core values, our mission statement and our vision. As these have now been agreed by all stakeholders, we'll be looking at reviewing and developing our three year strategic plan.

Core Values

The above values are at the heart of everything we do at Scartho Junior Academy. These values underpin our culture and how we approach everything we do. These three aspirational values are what every individual aspires to.

Mission Statement

The above mission statement, is a short summary of what our main goal is at Scartho Junior Academy. In a nutshell, it explains our existence and our main aim.


In conjunction with our recent NGA external review of governance, we have reviewed our vision,. Having a clarity of vision is one of the three core values of a governing body/trust. This vision is what we would like our school/trust to look like in the future and is a concise expression of what our children will have left the school having learnt. The next strategic step is develop our three to five year strategic plan linked to this vision.