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Team SJA Learning Skills

At Team SJA, our 'Six Learning Skills' are an integral part of our learning as each child journeys through the school. Whilst we fully value acquiring knowledge through the four years that a learner is at Team SJA, we also value the importance of 'teaching' the children to be great learners. The above are the six learning skills that we explicitly teach. During their first year in Year 3, the children will encounter one learning skill per half term. These skills are introduced in assembly and then reinforced in class. Each learning skill has a list of statements that detail what constitutes each learning skill.


Classes in Y4/5/6 can follow the order that Year 3 encounter them, but also have the freedom to explore how the skills are intertwined.


During this academic year, we'll be looking at how we further develop each skill by reviewing the statements linked to each learning skill. Also, we'll be gradually writing short descriptions of each learning skill character.