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PE and Healthy Lifestyles

Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles at SJA

At Scartho Junior Academy,  physical education will provide all our children with a wide range of opportunities to be physically active; enabling them to lead an all-round fit and healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Our curriculum provides both the breadth, and depth, of skills needed to become an active learner, who can take part in physically demanding activities, whilst applying the skills to problem-solve in a tactical way. Children are exposed to, and supported with, both success and failure through opportunities to compete in individual and team-based sports, within school and against other settings. Fair play, respect and sporting behaviour are paramount and are encouraged by all. Children who leave us will be physically confident, character-driven young people, with a just and fair attitude towards competing in the future.

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The PE Curriculum at Scartho Junior Academy

What were the overall strategic plans for PE in 22/23? What were the impact of these PE plans?

What are the overall strategic plans for PE in 2019/20?