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PE and Healthy Lifestyles

Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles at SJA

Physical activity and promoting healthy lifestyles is at the heart of many things that we do at Scartho Junior Academy. As a school we fully value the impact that PE lessons have on the children and the skills that they learn within these lessons. As well as learning and improving their actual PE physical skills, PE and sport also teaches many other skills that can be used in all their other lessons and in their day to day life. The links below will take you to various pages that explain PE provision at our school and how we have spent, and will spend, the PE Premium Funding that all schools receive.


What are the overall strategic plans for PE in 2019/20?

What are the overall strategic plans for PE in 201718?

What is Swimming like in Y6 in 2017/18? What have we spent the additional PE Premium Funding on in 2017/18?

What did we spend our PE Premium funding on at Scartho Junior Academy in 201617?

What did we want to develop in PE in 201617?

What was the impact of Action Plan in 1617?

The PE Curriculum at Scartho Junior Academy

What experiences do children get at Scartho Junior Academy?