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Young Money

At Scartho Junior Academy we are striving to teach the children the skills needed for later life. A huge part of this is understanding finance. We are a part of the Centres of Excellence Award Scheme run by Young Money and Young Enterprise. We believe that your children need to understand what money is, where it comes from and its worth.

Our Mission is:


To enable all children to have awareness and confidence in managing their finances, both now and in the future, in the current technological changing world.

Your child will be learning about money, the skills needed to deal with money and about different attitudes to money.





World Class

I know that there are different coins


I know the value of the coins and the notes I use





I know that cash is only one way to pay for goods

I can describe ways of paying that don’t involve cash

I understand the reasons for using different forms of payment

I know that money has different values in different countries


I can perform simple calculations based on exchange rates

I understand why it is important to understand other currencies particularly when I am visiting another country.

I am beginning to know that I will need to use money


I know there are ways of keeping track of my money and what I spend

I know some different ways of keeping track of my money

I can plan and track my spending and saving by keeping simple records

I know why it is important to keep track of my spending.


I know  that I need to check and keep basic financial information eg .bills and bank statements


I can use simple financial information to plan and manage on a basic budget

I understand that planning my spending helps me to stay in control of my money






I know that I can spend money in different places and on different things


I know that I have choices about how to spend my money  

I know about the choices I make about spending and saving my money can be influenced by and have an impact on other people

I can take account of other peoples ideas and opinions when making decisions about spending and saving my money

I am beginning to understand that different people have different attitudes to and feelings about spending and saving their money

I know that manufacturers and shops advertise to persuade me to spend my money



I can recognise when people are trying to influence my choices about money


I understand why we should all be critical consumers but that the choices we make about money will also be affected by income, commitments, valueas and culture.

I know that my family and I have different wants and needs

I know I will need to prioritise between needs and wants

I can make spending and saving choices based on my own needs

I understand that it may not be possible to have everything I want straight away

I know that some things are better ‘value for money’ than others



I make comparisons between prices when deciding what is best ‘value for money’


I understand why making decisions will help me make the most of the money I spend and save






I know that I need to look after my money


I know that I can keep my money in different places  and that some places are safer than others


I know I can keep my money in a bank account

I can explain why I might need an account eg bank, building society, credit union

I understand managing money may be complex and using an account is one way of making it easier

I know that there are financial risks associated with spending money including online scams


I can describe some ways to keep my money and personal information safe when using the internet.


I understand some consequences of financial scams and how they might make me feel.

I know that money might make me happy or sad


I know that I can save my money to use it later on rather than spending it now

I know that if I don’t have enough money I can borrow but I will have to pay it back.

I can explain why I may want to borrow money and how this might make me feel.

I am beginning to understand that I can pay for things without having enough money and that has consequences


I know that interest may be added to money I borrow

I can explain some of the risks involved in borrowing money, and how unmanageable debt can make people unhappy.


I understand it is important to consider the risks and potential consequences before borrowing money, including the impact on my feelings and those of others.






I know that we can get money I  different ways – win, pocket money, find, earn etc

I know that there is a range of jobs- paid and unpaid

I can describe the different jobs that I might do to earn money when I am older.

I understand that some jobs pay more than others

I know that money is one factor in choosing a job

I can describe how having a job will allow me to achieve certain goals in my life including financial ones.


I am beginning to understand the choices I make about work and money will affect my life



I know what charities are for and what some might do

I can explain how charities can help others


I understand why I might or might not want to give to charity.

I know that money is deducted from earnings to provide things we need.

I can describe some ways in which the government uses money to provide for my needs and those of my local community.


I am beginning to understand why and how some of the money we earn supports the wider community.

Below you can see a selection of the activities that children have been involved in this term.