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Spring Term REAL Project (S.T.E.M)

Do we have the energy to save the world?


Our REAL project for the Spring term is our S (science) T (technology) E (engineering) and M (maths). Throughout the project we will be learning more about what resources (including renewable) we use to power our homes and schools and what we can do to help lower our use of energy. The project follows a clear flow.


  1. Define the Problem

Discussion of energy rating for school.

What is energy?

What energy sources do we use?

Renewable vs Non Renewable




  1. Background research

What is energy was wastage?

Walk around school looking at wastage in its simplest form

Create a school energy graph.



  1. Investigate materials

insulators and conductors

permeable and impermeable



  1. Energy solutions - case studies



  1. Evaluate solutions


  1. How successful were our solutions?



We will be sharing our findings with you during our concert which is on Tuesday 2nd April.


During the term we will also be taking in bikability (dates to be confirmed) and of course World Book Day (let’s hope its not delayed by snow this year!)

Curriculum links

English – Narrative work based on The Delivery ( a beautifully haunting video) and The Iron Woman.  We will also be studying explanation and information texts


ICT – Twitter and videoing


Maths – statistics, fractions and multiplication and division


Art/DT - landscapes


Science – Materials and their properties.  The water cycle


Geography – renewable fuels





Other Information

As always, we will be sending home spellings to practise and learn each week, as well as encouraging the children to go on the Spelling Shed website. Every child will also continue to receive their rewards when they are a reading star (3 times reading and recording their reading at home each week). We will be continuing to use Bug Club, which is an internet based programme to support the children’s learning with their reading, spelling and grammar. We will also be continuing to use Times tables Rock Stars.

Alongside the above will be the 12 homework challenges sheet. These have been designed to reflect the amazing creative homework that the children have created since joining the school—the children have requested having these before the holidays so that they can become immersed in the project before they return!  If your child completes 9 of these, they will be rewarded with an additional activity within school.

PE will be on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Your support with reminding your child to bring their kit is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help in class, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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