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Spring Term's REAL Project (S.T.E.M)

'Fantastic Beasts: Where Do We Home Them?'


Our REAL Project this Spring term has a STEM focus and we’ll be using our scientific skills to explore our local habitats. Making observations on the wildlife in our local and wider communities, we will endeavour to build habitats which will improve the quality of life and sustainability for the creatures that humans often have a detrimental effect on. Where do animals live? What do they need to survive? How can we effect their environments positively? These are all questions that we’ll consider and answer as we decide where and how to home the fantastic beasts that live among us. After the success of last years’ Y4 Harry Potter project, Miss Fawn and Mrs Goffin are very excited by this new twist, as it gives us a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors in the Spring time when life is beginning and it will dabble with many of the year groups passion in magic and wizardry.





During our English lessons, we will explore the picture book, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' to demonstrate and use our figurative language writing skills, and using our learned scientific knowledge of describing their habitats. We'll also be able to write a creative piece detailing a fantastic beast lost in the city, due to our experience of watching the movie of the same name.




We're beginning Spring term by revising prior knowledge of multiplication and division and then building on this with Year 4 expectations. Afterwards we'll be covering measurement (area and perimeter) fractions and decimals.


We have a big emphasis on making sure we learn our times tables in Year 4, as to meet end of year expectations, all children need to know up to their 12x tables. Help at home is vital to ensure your child grows in confidence with number and multiplication facts, and their love of maths continues to develop. Mental maths lessons in class should complement the support given at home.


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Year 4's PE/Games days are Wednesday and Thursday - a full kit is essential.

Spellings will go home on most Mondays and be tested on the Friday.

Reading diaries and books should be in school everyday.