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Team Y3 - Mrs Lyons/Mrs Richardson

Autumn Term's Project


Does Learning Only Happen in the Classroom?

Where do you learn team Year 3? We want to investigate where you can learn and where you can learn best. Alongside this we want to improve areas of our school to make learning even better for you. The area outside 3R and next to the bike racks has been chosen for you to develop into an outdoor learning facility. It will be up to you to design this space and make some of the resources that you will be using out there.

This space is extremely important as it will be a memorial area for Mrs Blow (our previous Deputy Head).

We will kick start the project with a treasure hunt in the school ground based on finding a variety of shapes and in turn this will link into our math learning and into what we want in our outdoor area. We will visit the Infant/ Nursery playground to research what they have in terms of resources and we will be planning and designing our ideas to put to our building team.

This is a STEM project and we will be following a step criteria to reach our goals.



This term our main text is a book called ‘Little Red Reading Hood’. This is a lovely picture book based on an obvious tale with a twist. We are initially working on writing descriptions of the wolf and then changing and twisting fairy tales to make our own. We are finding out what the children are capable of with their reading and writing and getting creative whilst staying within known settings and structures.

Reading is based around ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ too. We are teaching the children to become better readers by understanding what good readers do and how they can utilise skills that good readers use.


Daily maths starts with place value and then we are moving on to addition and subtraction. The children are consolidating what they knw about number and making sure that they have a good basis in the concepts needed at year 3. Children will be learning to, and will be asked to, use our concrete resources to support their maths learning. These resources such as counters, cubes, base 10 apparatus will underpin their practical maths and their reasoning.

Maths is also a big part of our project this term and we will be learning how to classify shapes and sort them according to their properties.

We will also be looking at parabolic patterns in maths and using these to support our leaning of our number bonds and multiplication tables.

Important Information


PE is on Thursdays indoors and Friday outdoors. Correct Kit is needed for in and outdoors please. 

Spellings are issued and checked on Mondays.  

Reading Stars will be checked on Fridays. 


Contact details: 

Twitter   @mrsrichardson3R and @mrslyons3L