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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Updates

Phased Return of Y6 Pupils from Monday 01 June 2020


Team SJA are looking forward to welcoming back more pupils! We have all been extremely busy making the school as safe as possible.  We have had a lot of guidance from the Government, which can be found using these links  -

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure families that we have planned and risk assessed all the measures we have put in place.  We are happy to talk to any parent who would like more information so please get in touch with your child’s class teacher via email.

Some of the most common questions asked are:

How will we keep everyone safe?


Social distancing is at the core of our planning. Classroom capacity has been greatly reduced, with each child sitting at their desk on their own. This will be the same desk they will use every day. The school has many signs and taped down areas to help the children, and adults, adhere to the 2m rule. Key communal areas have also been taped off so that they can’t be accessed.

How will you keep the school clean?


Extra hygiene measures are already in place. We ensure that handwashing facilities are available in each classroom and there is also hand sanitiser available at strategic points around school. We frequently clean surfaces that staff and pupils are touching, such as desks, chairs, doors, sinks, toilets, light switches, and any other equipment used.


We will also ensure that everyone will:


  • frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly.
  • clean their hands-on arrival at school, before and after eating, and after sneezing or coughing.
  • are encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose.
  • use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins with lids for used tissues and paper towels
  • where possible, all spaces should be well ventilated using natural ventilation e.g. opening windows and doors   whilst also being aware fire safety and safeguarding


We follow guidance from the Government which can be found here -

How do I explain social distancing to my child?


Explain this in an open and honest way and please use language they will understand. Tell them in a positive way that they are helping others by their actions.

What are ‘Social Bubble Groups’


All children will be in a ‘social bubble group’ and will stay in that group every day, each week and for the rest of term, unless there is new guidance. Children will have breaks and lunchtimes with their group and will not mix with other groups. Where possible the same adults will always be with the same groups as well. The keyworker groups will have two teams of adults to care for them within a week, but this will be the same set of adults from one week to the next.

What do the children need to bring to school?


This all needs to be kept to a bare minimum. For safety reasons, children will not use lockers but will have a lidded box for their belongings. This box will be theirs only and they will keep it under their designated table.


Children are to bring a drinks bottle, their lunchbox, sun cream, and a light coat (if needed at all). No other items will be permitted in school, unless agreed as a necessity with staff. Children must bring a drinks bottle as the water fountains will not be in use. Guidance is that children should not actually bring a reusable lunchbox, but lunches should be in something that they can easily dispose of. Sun cream is essential - please help your child to apply this before school too as adults or their friends can't help them to reapply this during school hours. Guidance says that we should be outside as much as possible and the weather looks good at the moment. A cap or hat might be advisable as well.


If your child suffers from hayfever please remember to give them medicine before they come to school.

What if my child displays symptoms or becomes unwell?


If your child, or member of your household, displays any symptoms before school, please do not send your child in.


Should your child become unwell at school we will contact you immediately, so please make sure your contact details are up to date.

More Information

Please see our latest newsletter for more detailed information.

Home Learning


For those pupils who cannot return to school yet, please access our Team SJA Home Learning Zone for activities and resources to support learning.

SEN and Wellbeing


Children need extra support during this time. Please access our nurture and wellbeing page for activities and advice.