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Weekly Spellings

Spellings this week will focus on the -less suffix.

We are also still practising our common exception words.


So far we have covered -ful, and -ness as suffixes.


The children will be bringing home a LACAWAC to practise their words, although we will have discussed them in class you may need to support your child in ensuring that they understand what each word means.


 If you feel your child needs / wants more challenge please see the list of Year 3 / 4 national curriculum spellings.



Mrs Hotson's spelling group will continue with their phonic words but are welcome to have the list of words the rest of the class have (although they will not be tested on these)


There are also the new National Curriculum words for Year 3 and 4 if you feel that your child is ready for an additional challenge (looking at this list they certainly are challenging!)

If rote learning of spellings isn't working, it's time to reach into your bag of tricks to make spelling special.  These are just some ideas you could try at home (we also use some of them at school).  If you want any more ideas please speak to Mrs Kendall.


Words without vowels

Write all of the spelling words putting a line where there should be a vowel.


Scrambled Spellings

Scramble up each word and then give yourself a certain time in which to unscramble them.


Ransom Words

Write your words by cutting out letters from magazines / comics / newspapers and glue them onto  apiece of paper.


The Spelling Train

Write the entire list of words end to end as one long word using a different colour for each one.

This half term we are looking at suffixes.


We are starting this by looking at verbs and how to turn them from the root word into the progressive present (-ing) and the past (-ed).


This will help us to understand the rules and patterns which will in turn make it easier for us (next half term) to add different suffixes.


Not all children will be doing the suffix work - some children will be concentrating on their phonics for spelling.  Mrs A (our year 3 TA) will work with the children during the week on different sounds and they will then apply these during Mrs A's 'quiz' on a Friday.  The children will also be bringing home high frequency word flashcards which we would appreciate you practising both reading and writing them.