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The Summer Term Curriculum



Throughout the term, we will explore the picture book, ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Graham Baker-Smith. Using the images as a stimulus, we will describe the eerie big top setting, investigate the characters that are part of the show and write our own fantasy stories based on similar events. Alongside this, we will also enjoy reading novel, ‘Ned’s Circus of Marvels’ by  Justin Fisher—a book advocated by one of our Reading Heroes, Liam.


The children will continue to bring home spelling words that I would like them to learn for the weekly tests. However, there will be a much higher emphasis on applying their knowledge to their written work and on identifying incorrect spellings in pieces of text. 


Whole class and group guided reading sessions will continue each week. 





During our Maths lessons we will work through objectives linked to measure as we attempt to consolidate our understanding of length, weight and capacity. Linked to our project, we will be exploring area and perimeter to ensure that our picture boards are an appropriate size and our 'tent' space at Scarfest is filled adequately. Running alongside this, we will consolidate Year 5 expectations for properties of number and number operations. Throughout the term, we will continue to use our reasoning skills through Challenge Based learning lessons in order to apply our arithmetic knowledge and understanding in practical ways.





This term, our REAL Project will focus on performance, particularly the skills it takes to host a circus or funfair. Our project will be launched with a workshop and demonstration from Earthbound Misfits, who will inspire the children to start thinking about their own acts for Scarfest in July. Throughout the project, we will explore the way the circus has evolved throughout the ages, write biographies of famous ‘acts’, design our own circus workshops, with accompanying explanations and create web pages to publicise the journey to Scarfest throughout the term.


Art and DT will also be a feature of the project. Whilst Mrs Bond will focus her art skills lessons on images from ‘Leon and the Place Between’, our REAL Project outcomes will be circus themed photo boards for the public to use at the festival—our only dilemma will be where we showcase these boards once Scarfest is over?