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The Spring Term Curriculum

What does success taste like?


Throughout our REAL project this term, we are focussing on doing the very best that we can - particularly if we have to multiple goes to get there!


Our Real project has a geographical focus.  We will be looking at India, Italy and the UK.  We will find them on a map and learn more about the culture and country and also the FOOD!




Our narrative work for the first half term will be based on 'The Jungle Book' which is set in India.  We will be writing a description of the jungle, a description of a jungle animal, and also an adventure story starring one of the original Jungle book characters!

Our non-narrative work (non-fiction) writing will be an information text about India (displayed on a beautiful water colour map of India!).



We will be starting with our work on 2D and 3D shape.

We will then be looking at telling the time - THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WE WOULD REALLY LOVE TO HAVE YOUR SUPPORT WITH!