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The Spring Term Curriculum



Our English writing this term will be inspired by the text ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. We will use this narrative to write our own adventure stories, which capture and engage an audience. Building up to this piece, we will also continue to refine our figurative techniques when writing character and setting descriptions linked to the text. 


SPaG sessions will be taught weekly and the children will continue to have spelling homework to support their learning in class.


All children will take part in guided reading sessions each week and, as part of these sessions, will engage in reading and discussion with the teacher. When not reading with the teacher the children will have the opportunity to read for pleasure, explore newspapers, complete comprehension questions and engage in activities linked to their focus text.



During our Maths lessons we will focus on objectives linked to statistics, particularly using line graphs to present and interpret data about climate. Position and direction will also be covered as we use our map reading skills to locate information using co-ordinates. We will also look at how we translate, rotate and reflect objects in vertical and horizontal planes. Reviewing our strategies for the four number operations will also take place when we continue to apply our knowledge to challenge based problems.


Each week, we will continue to concentrate on times tables and mental strategies. It is the expectation that children in Year 5 aim to know all of their times tables and division facts, and the associated vocabulary, and can recall these facts out of order and at speed. Some of the children are also working on their squared and cubed numbers and the recall of associated facts to 12 x 12. Sometimes additional homework may be given, however it is expected that the children rehearse their number facts each week.


REAL Project – ‘Can we 'bake' the world a better place?’


This term, our REAL Project will focus on Fair Trade and how we can use these ingredients to literally ‘bake the world a better place.’ Our project will be launched with a taster session and demonstration from Steven, chef at The Comfy Duck, who will inspire the children with a delectable delight of afternoon tea treats. Throughout the project, we will then combine these ideas with a range of Fair Trade ingredients to make our own recipes, which will be served at our public exhibition, an afternoon tea to be held in March.


Geographical skills will also be a key focus of our REAL Project and we will travel to the rain forests of the world to explore climate, refine our map reading skills and research the wildlife that call the jungle their home.