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The Autumn Term Curriculum


We teach English as a class group and are focussing on narrative writing; this will include paying particular attention to the different sentences we use and the effect they have on the reader, how we start our sentences and the precise language choices we make. Spelling and grammar will be taught linked into the class books.

Our English work to start with is based on ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner.  .

We will be teaching aspects of grammar through this work and will be starting on knowing and using the correct word classes (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs etc…)

Our spelling will focus on word families or patterns.  Every Monday the children will complete a spelling activity in class and will then be given either a list of words to learn for a test on the Friday, or a spelling investigation linked to the focus that week (further details can be found on the website).


In year 3 we group the children for maths.  There is a lower and an upper group; these are not set in stone and during the year there can be changes.

For the first half term we will be concentrating on number and calculations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication). The children will not always be taught the formal column method first, but to use mental strategies too. 

A lot of our work will centre around applying the facts and strategies we have learned to problem solving and investigations. We will also be concentrating on times tables ( x2, x10, x5.) Year 3 will have their tables test on a Friday.

We will also be using a lot of different vocabulary when talking about the four operations.  These are displayed in class and if you would like a copy please speak to Mrs Rose.






REAL Project

We are really excited to be Time Travellers for our Autumn term REAL project.  We will be starting by travelling a little bit into the past to the 1970s and will be using our maths and English skills with a questionnaire.

We will then travel further back to the stone age and use our art and DT skills to make a thumb pot out of clay (which will be displayed in the whole school museum).

We will then come to rest during the Roman times...we will be visiting the armoury and using our maths and DT skills to make our own replica Roman shield.  We will also be popping over to Pompeii and using our English and History skills to write a recount about the now famous events...


Our classroom will reflect our time travelling antics...keep a look out for pictures and don't forget to pop in and have a look around!

PE and Games

Year 3 do gymnastics with ‘Twist and Flip’ every Thursday this half term.  We have Miss Sanderson for Games on a Wednesday afternoon.  It is essential that the children have their kits in school on these days. No jewellery can be worn and so if your child has problems removing their earrings, we ask that they do not wear them on days when they have PE / Games.


Reading is a key life skill and we aim to develop a lifelong love of reading through the different activities we do in school, as well as what is done at home.  We expect all the children to read and record it in their diaries three times a week (they may choose to do more!).  They should read a mixture of things including the school reading scheme books, library books, home books, comics, magazines and e-books to name but a few!  Every child that does this will become a reading star and will contribute to our class total for the whole school competition! There are also reading challenges this term in the children’s reading folders.  Every child will take part in a guided reading session each work which will be used to develop the children’s comprehension skills as well as their reading skills.

If you are able to come into school to hear readers, please contact Mrs Rose.  We have renovated our library over the summer and our classrooms now have cosy reading corners to enjoy a good book.