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The Autumn Term Curriculum

In Year 5, English is taught as a whole class. This term, much of our writing will be link to our REAL Project - with some of the outcomes being displayed in our whole school museum and at our Remembrance event. Our first outcomes will be based on the picture book, 'One Boy's War' by Lynn Huggins-Cooper and Ian Benfold Haywood. Based on events during WW1, letters back and forth tell the tale of a young boy who longs to enlist in the army, that is until he realises the realities of war. Using the boys letters, we will write persuasive letters to his mother begging to be allowed to leave home. For our public exhibition, we will focus on descriptive writing techniques to create soldier diaries before binding them ready for display.
Following on from this, our attention will turn to 'Rose Blanche' by Ian McEwan. A poignant book, this story focuses on events in Germany during WW2 from the point of view of the title character. Once again, we will use the pictures as a stimulus to write in character as Rose and to create emotive poetry depicting prison camp life.
Alongside writing, spelling and grammar will be taught - with links made to our class texts as much as possible. 
All children will take part in guided reading sessions each week and, as part of these sessions, will engage in reading and discussion with the teacher. When not reading with the teacher the children will have the opportunity to read for pleasure, explore newspapers, complete comprehension questions and engage in activities linked to their class text.

In Year 5, we group the children for maths - an upper and a lower group. Throughout the year, as the children are assessed, there may be movement between the two. 
During this term, we will be focusing on our understanding of number, learning to read, write, order and compare numbers up to seven figures. We will also begin to look at our strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (this will take the form of both mental and written strategies). Later in the term, we will explore our understanding of measure – making links to the cooking which we will be doing during REAL Project lessons and geometry as we attempt to design and make our own replica Anderson shelter. As mathematicians, we will consolidate our learning by applying our facts and strategies to problem solving and real life investigations through Challenge Based Learning.
Each week, we will continue to concentrate on times tables and mental strategies. It is the expectation that children in Year 5 aim to know all of their times tables and division facts and the associated vocabulary and can recall these facts out of order and at speed. Some of the children are also working on their squared and cubed numbers and the recall of associated facts to 12 x 12. Sometimes additional homework may be given, however it is expected that the children rehearse their tables knowledge each week.

Year 5 will usually do their tables test test on a Friday. 


REAL Project
'Could You Survive?'

During the Autumn term, our REAL project will take us back in time as we attempt to answer the essential question, 'Could You Survive?' whilst focusing on the events of WW1 and WW2. Our project launch will explore how people survived the trenches (we'll be reenacting events in our own trench on the school field). During this block, we will critique our wartime medal designs before making replicas to exhibit in the whole school museum. Block 2 focuses on remembrance; we will explore local heroes and how they are commemorated today. This block will feed into our first Celebration of Learning as we host our own remembrance event. Later in the term, we ask if the children could survive in a 1940s school as we visit the Wilderspin school in Barton (please try and dress up as an evacuee for the full experience).. Our final outcomes, will be science and DT based as we wonder what it takes to withstand and survive a bomb attack by constructing our own air raid shelters.
P.E. and Games
This term, P.E. lessons will be on Tuesdays. Games will be taught by Miss Sanderson on a Thursday. Please remember that all children should be prepared for these lessons with the correct kit (including the correct footwear). Children cannot not wear ear-rings for these sessions so if they are unable to take them out themselves, please remove them on the morning of their PE lessons.

Reading continues to be a priority in school – loved by adults and children alike. Our library has been renovated over the Summer and looks amazing and hopefully we'll have some dry days so we can utilise the story circle. Each week, the children will be expected to read at home at least 3 times and record this in their reading diaries (this must be signed by an adult). These entries could be a school reading book or their own texts from home (remember this could be a book, comic, newspaper, leaflet, even a menu). The children will also be given new reading challenges for this term.  Will anyone complete all 9 targets?