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SpringTerm's REAL Project


'How easy is it to spread the word?'

Our REAL project for the Autumn term is our Our World focussed project. Throughout the project there will be a strong emphasis on history (Ancient Egypt), geography (location and culture) and RE (comparing religious practises form then and now)

Our essential question will help us to not only find out more about Egypt and the legacy of the Ancient Egyptians which we can share with a world wide audience when we create our own e-book to sell on the iTunes store, (yet another first for SJA!) but we will also look at how our words can affect others (PHSCE).

We will again be using key texts to support our writing, these include The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan and Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx by Joe Todd-Stanton. There will also be more SOLE sessions when the children will be responsible for researching and then producing a piece of writing for Team Year 6’s e-book.

There will also be the opportunity for lots of art work, some of which will be completed during our project launch when we return in January. We have also booked the mobile planetarium to re-launch our project after February half-term.

We are really excited for our next REAL Project and for team year 6 to leave another amazing legacy on the world!





All of our written English work is linked to our e-book including our own adventurous narrative writing based on The Red Pyramid, explanations texts and information texts focusing on Ancient Egyptian culture and also instructions linked to our 2d and 3d art!


For our grammar sessions we are focusing on revising the key terminology from previous years and honing our skills ready for May (shhhh). This link may be helpful for both you and your child... 


Spellings will be sent home every week.  All children will have the same spellings.



Over the term we will be looking at these aspects of the maths curriculum.  We will focus on teaching the children the skills and then supporting them through problem solving involving these skills.  If you require further information, please do not hesitate to speak with your child's maths teacher.


  • Place value – 8 digits inc decimals, rounding to nearest 10, 100 and 1000, crossing the 0 when counting on or back n 5s, 10s etc
  • Addition – mental addition formal inc decimals + problem solving / reasoning
  • Subtraction mental subtraction formal inc decimals + problem solving / reasoning
  • Shape and space – angles (inc using a protractor), co-ordinates (all 4 quadrants), rotation and reflection
  • Multiplication and division - inc formal, mental, times tables and linked facts, problem solving / reasoning
  • Fractions, decimals and %

Important Information


PE is every Wednesday and is taken by Mr Graves (6G) and Mr Stead (6R).

Games is every Thursday afternoon and Miss Sanderson takes both classes.

Please can you make sure that your child has their full kit (including trainers) for each session.


Reading diaries are checked every week (sometimes more often) to see what the children have been reading and also to see who has recorded this three times during the week to become a reading star.  In Year 6 the children are rewarded with 15 minutes of free time during Friday afternoon.


You can follow your Year 6 teachers on Twitter, with regular updates, photographs and reminders of what's happening at school.

Follow us at: @MrsRose6R and @MrGraves6G


You can also email us directly.




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