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Summer Term's REAL Project

'Does Magic Exist?'


'The stories we love best, live in us forever,' (JK Rowling) so for our final Y4 REAL Project, we will be exploring what magic is and whether we can create any; all through the medium of Harry Potter, by asking ourselves, 'Does Magic Exist?'


Throughout the project, we hope to create memorable experiences for the children by: immersing them in Harry Potter themed activities during an extended launch week, learn about 'Owl Magic' with South Cave Falconry, create our own magic and potions with the Lab Rascals, plan, prepare and host a movie night, and of course, by investigating whether magic exists and seeing if we can create a little magic in someone else's life. This will all culminate in our public exhibition, which will be the handover of monies to the Lumos Charity.





To support our English lessons, we will explore the beautiful text, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' by Newt Scamander (JK Rowling). Using the images and poetry as a creative stimulus, we will aim to invoke the creativity and imaginative work into our own descriptive writing. This learning journey will then be showcased in our project books which we hope to share with you towards the end of the term.





We're beginning Summer term by looking at fractions and decimals. We're going to make use of SOLE to explore charity links within maths and use three of the four operations to decide how to spend monies and finances to support children in orphanages and institutions. 


We have a big emphasis on making sure we learn our times tables in Year 4, as to meet end of year expectations, all children need to know up to their 12x tables. Help at home is vital to ensure your child grows in confidence with number and multiplication facts, and their love of maths continues to develop. 


Important Information


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Year 4's PE/Games days are Monday and Tuesday - a full kit is essential.


After half term, P.E will be on Tuesday and Friday. Friday's P.E will be swimming lessons, so having the right clothing is essential in order for your child to make the most of this great opportunity.