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Team Y3 - Mrs Lyons/Mrs Richardson

SummerTerm's REAL Project


Why Cleethorpes? 


This term we have decided to support our local community again and have chosen Cleethorpes. Cleethorpes is OUR beach and OUR local holiday resort. Cleethorpes has been a resort for over a hundred years and has high and low years for tourism. We want to support the local businesses and get people to Cleethorpes, on to the beach but also into the town to visit all the amazing independent shops. To do this we are creating a tourism trai' #cleethorpestouristtrail this will be in the form of felt fish models in shop windows around Cleethorpes. You and your families will be able to take part in the trail in the summer. To complete this project we will be designing for our sponsor companies according to their design brief. 



This term our main text is a book called Flotsam. This is an amazing picture book with no words. The children are focusing on writing dialogue and Sci-Fi stories based on the pictures from the text. We will also be reading 'Can you find a Mermaid', 'Smallest Fish in School' and 'Wreck of the Zanzibar'. After half term the focus text will be 'King of the Fishes' where the children will be learning to retell the text through actions and written texts to complete the year 3 writing expectations.  


We have started this term by covering fractions again and linking them to real life contexts. We will be following this with Geometry where the children will be learning about angles, classifying shapes and direction. This links into our design work for out REAL project. 

Geometry will be followed by time and measures. We will then recap this year by revisiting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 


Important Information


PE is on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Reading Stars will be checked on Fridays. 


Contact details: 

Twitter   @mrsrichardson3R and @mrslyons3L