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Team Y3 - Mrs Lyons/Mrs Richardson

Autumn Term's REAL Project


Are We One? 


This is team year 3's first real project and we are aiming high! Our project is based on supporting our local community and making a difference locally. We will be supporting the 'We Are One Foundation' a Grimsby based charity who support both the homeless and people who need to access food banks. To do this we have been visited by Dave and Jean Wells who run the foundation. Additionally we will be holding a harvest festival on Friday 20 October at 9:15am followed by tea and biscuits for the visitors. To find out about support from other sources we will be visiting TESCOs for a 'farm to fork' experience where the children will learn about where food comes from and how TESCO supports the 'We Are One Foundation' with a scheme called fair and share.  We would love the children to support the foundation by donating non-perishables (tinned, dried packet food) please. 

As a finale the children will be running a cafe- serving, cooking and raising funds for the foundation.



We are currently reading the story of Havelok and Grim and the links to Grimsby. This text is challenging for the children and they are learning new vocabulary and using in various ways. Additionally we are writing journey stories about Scartho linked to Knuffle Bunny a story that the children are using as a model for writing. This is a great picture book that we can adapt an build our writing on. We have looked at our local area and the wildlife. We are writing descriptions of animals at autumn. 

We are learning poetry and songs for our Harvest Assembly. The children are learning to perform together as a group and express themselves in a variety of ways. Our favourite poem is Chocolate by Michael Rosen.

All children have a bug club log on that they can access at home and at school. 



Starting the term we will be working on place value and really understanding what numbers mean. We will then move on to manipulating numbers through addition and subtraction. We are keen for the children to be able to manipulate number and have a deep understanding of what they are doing. They have been given a number facts sheet that they need to work on throughout the year. Blue facts are year 2 standard and pink are year 3 standard. We have left all times tables on the sheet as we don't want to limit their learning. 


Important Information


P.E is on a Monday and a Thursday. Children will need a full change of clothes for both session and outdoor shoes. As it gets colder warm trousers and a jumper would be beneficial. Please could all earrings be removed before coming to school. 

We expect the children to read at home three times a week to be a reading star. Spellings come out on Fridays and will be tested on Fridays. 

Children have a homework book that has suggested homework challenges in it. These are not compulsory but the children will be rewarded for completing them. 


Contact details: 

Twitter   @mrsrichardson3R and @mrslyons3L