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Spring term Curriculum


This term the children are writing about ancient Egypt, Howard Carter and the wonderful artefacts that have been discovered. We are starting the term with a piece of descriptive writing about a sandstorm in Egypt.

Following from this we are writing diaries as if we were Howard Carter at the time of Tutankhamen’s tomb discovery.

We will be developing our Grammar skills throughout initially concentrating on revision of last term and quickly moving on by using hyphens, dashes and semi-colons. We will be working on our use of conjunctions and their position in a sentence for effect.


The class book for this term is ‘Rubbish Town Hero’ by Nicola Davies. This is an emotive story encompassing moral issues following a civil war and, bravery and resilience. 


In Year 6 we have 2 parallel groups and one support group which is able to change on a regular basis, this may be support at any level. The children have an initial assessment for each block and then one at the end of their topic to see progress. 

Children are initially working on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and then division. Following on from this we will be bringing in challenges that the children need to work on to succeed. We will also be carrying out CBL (challenge based learning) sessions further on in the term. 

Mrs Richardson's homework comes out on Tuesdays- this is not always an activity that needs handing in i.e. learning square numbers. 


Over this term our project is ' Can you put the Art into Artefact? We are becoming explorers and mainly being transported to ancient Egypt. Our REAL outcome is going to be the school museum which will be held at Grimsby Town Hall in November. 

Children will be creating art work, writing and artefacts for this museum. Alongside this they will be visiting Hull museums to become curators for our school museum. 

P.E. and Games

We are very lucky this term to be having P.E. sessions taught by outside specialists. Year 6 will have dance on Wednesdays with Mrs Thomas.  Games will continue to be taught by Miss Sanderson Friday for Year 6.

Please remember that all children should be ready to join in with these lessons with the correct kit.



We expect all the children to read and record it in their NEW diaries three times a week (they may choose to do more!).  


We want to win READING STARS.


They can read a mixture of things including the school reading scheme books, library books, home books, comics, magazines and e-books to name but a few!  There are also reading challenges this term in the children’s reading folders.