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Music at Scartho Junior Academy

Autumn Term


Year 3 

You are in for a real treat this term as we start to look at composing music. To help us you will be using a series of programs from the 2Simple collection.

You will learn how to change instruments in your piece of music and record it so others can hear it. In another programme you will look at writing music for more than one instrument at a time. It will allow you to change the tempo.


As we work in pairs we will be deveolping our learning skills too this term. All you need to do is know your login details!


 Year 4

Wow you lucky lot, this term we are learning how to play some Samba instruments and rhythms. If we listen hard and concentrate we will have a piece to share with the other class or the school by the end of the term. Can you remember the names of the instruments we have met so far? If you want to find out more about them and earn  House Points off Mrs Lyons.


Year 5

This term is a busy term for you, as later on in the term you will be looking at starting your production for around Easter Time. Until then we are looking at the use of musical vocabulary to describe music. Part if this is looking at how important a soundtrack to a movie can be.

Dynamics, Tempo, Timbre, Pitch and Duration. Can you remember what these mean?


Year 6

You really get to flex those Independant Enquirer skills this half term. As a class you help to write a long list of the different types of music that you have heard about, and now as either individuals or in pairs you have been given a different one to reasearch. The plan is that in 4 weeks time, you need to be ready to share what you have been able to find. How you choose to present it is entirely upto you. You can do a poster, fact file, PowerPoint etc.


However these are the things that you need to include:

List, or pictures of the artists

A sample of sound tracks, (can be from YouTube just keep a list of the references in a Word document that you can email to me)

A little of  the history, (Where did it come from?)

What instruments do they use?

 If you have lots of time or interest why not create a wordsearch or crossword?


Any questions come find me in school or email me on