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Important Information

This academic year is very important for Year 6 children as they will take their SATs tests in May 2017.


We will hold a parents information meeting shortly to share examples of the SATs questions with you and give you ways of supporting your child during and before their tests.


Children in year 6 get more homework than previous years. This is partly to get them used to the differences between Primary and Secondary education and also as support and additional revision for their SAT tests.

Children will have:


Reading - expected to read 3 times a week

English - once a week

Spellings - once a week

Maths - once a week

Creative homework- once a term.


Sometimes children will be given extra work when needed.


Reading at home 


Children have been asked to read at least three times a week. Parents need to sign to say their child has read but in year 6 we are aware children do. To always need to read to the adult. Children are rewarded if they have read 3 times or more.  They receive a merit point and 5house points!!!  Each class counts the number of children that have read at home, a minimum of 3times each week, to see which class has the most reading heroes.  Come on 6S let’s win!