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Creative Homework

Creative Homework

Autumn Term Creative Homework

We would like all the children to produce a piece of creative homework based on our Tudor project to be handed in by the end of Nov 2016 .  We suggest that this homework is done as a family to encourage the children to talk about their learning at school and to also learn new skills from their family!

These are just some ideas which may start you thinking (there will be a section in our local library devoted to the creative homework sent in later this term!)

Create a Tudor building model

Draw, paint a picture of a Tudor Monarch, King or Queen type portrait.

Make a Tudor foods collage using dry foods or fabric materials to make it look like food.

Create a sculpture of a famous leader you admire such as Nelson Mandela. 

Write a quiz based on facts about the Tudors.

Produce an information fact sheet about what makes a great leader and the quality needed.

Design and produce a book poster to advertise the Iron Man story by Ted Hughes

Make a PowerPoint style presentation about an area of the Tudors you find fascinating or gory/gruesome



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